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Re-usable components for Nuxt 3 projects

Not my content!

Most of what is on this page is from the Introduction page of shadcn's documentation. I have only made minor changes to the content.

What is Duxt UI?

First things first, this is NOT a component library.

It is a place where you come to get the actual component that you want in your Nuxt 3 project. You can copy & paste the code into your project and customize it to your liking.

Why Duxt UI?

I have been using Nuxt 3 for a while now and I have found myself re-using a lot of components in my projects. I decided to create this site to make it easier for me to copy & paste the components into my projects.

It is rather annoying to be creating a new TextField component for every project. I know I can just find a repo with the code already & just get it from there but, having a website with all the components I use in one place is much more convenient.

Hop over to the Introduction page of shadcn's documentation to see some more FAQs.